About Us


The Montana Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP) was founded in 2019 as the representative voice of mortgage lending in Montana.  We will soon be classified as a 501(c) 3 Not-for-Profit Trade Association.

Members will include residential and commercial mortgage banking companies, individual mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers, wholesale lenders, correspondent lenders, savings & loan associations, commercial banks, credit unions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and companies that provide affiliated services to mortgage lenders..

Mission Statement

The Montana Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP) is an organization committed to responsible homeownership achieved through the practice of integrity-based lending.  We serve our community through effective education, principled representation, and networking to advance free enterprise and the highest ethical standards in the mortgage lending industry.


The Montana Association of Mortgage Professionals will be the “Go-To” organization for the mortgage lending industry in Montana. We are committed to a standard of excellence in supporting our industry, members and the general public. We will do this by providing valuable programs, services and events designed to support Education, Representation and Networking.


  • To have educational programs that foster excellence among participants in the mortgage lending industry.
  • To be an advocate helping consumers make informed decisions to facilitate a positive borrowing experience.


  • To be proactive in promoting the interest of our membership to the legislature, government agencies, the general public, media and affiliated associations.
  • To be effective in analyzing the details and communicating the impact of relevant issues, regulation and events to our members and affiliated parties.


  • To provide functions and events for the industry to come together and encourage fellowship, healthy competition, the sharing of ideas and the creation of opportunity.
  • To be generous as a professional community helping those in need.